Internal Throwdown – Saturday June 22nd @ 9 am with a PotLuck cookout to follow at Noon.

We are bringing back our summer throwdown series again this year after much success last year. Each throwdown will consist of 2-3 workouts and everyone is encouraged to participate. Scaling options will be available so everyone can join in. This competition is only open to Elm City CrossFit athletes! The cookout to follow is open to everyone – family and friends looking to hang out or learn about our signature community. We hope to see everyone Saturday June 22nd.


Bench 10-8-6-4-2 with Max Rep Ring Rows after each set

Sellout: 10 x Prowler Push – Self regulated weight and rest (Down and Back is one)


Endurance: @ the box at 6 am

We will jog ~1 mile to the base of Prospect Street (the start) we will then run:

4, 5 or 6 x Prospect Hill

On odd intervals recover with a walk/jog back down

On even intervals sprint down recover at the bottom ~3 minutes



Buy-in: Handstand Practice – Spend 15 minutes working on either handstand walks or wall walks

30-20-10 of:



Double Unders



Internal Throwdown – Fun begins at 9am with a Potluck barbque to follow at noon

There will be two Workouts – They will be announced Saturday Morning

Every Elm City athlete will be able to perform each movement and workout



Amnesty – Make up a workout you may have missed during the week or work on a skill.

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