Monday, September 3rd

Labor Day Group WOD

There will be one group workout at 9:00am on Labor Day. There will be no additional classes today.

Group workout details to be disclosed Monday when you get here :)


Tuesday, September 4th

3x3 Overhead Squats @ 85% of one rep max

Athletes to rest as needed [think 2 -5 minutes] between each set.

Subsequent to set #3:

Athletes will spend 10 minutes working heavy Heaving Snatch Balance. During these 10 minutes of work, athletes are encouraged to increase their weight as they go.



Wednesday, September 5th

12 Rounds, on the minute

2 Dumbell Man-Makers [45#/25#]

3 Burpees

Athletes will complete 2 Dumbell Man-Makers and 3 Burpees, every 60 seconds. Rest between rounds is dictated by the amount of time it takes to complete the work.

Dumbell Man-Makers are as follows:

Athletes start standing in full extension, with dumbells in hand. They execute a squat thrust [think burpee without the pushup] to the plank position, complete one pushup, right arm row, left arm row, complete one pushup, stand back up and finish with a press.