Thursday, August 23rd


Floor Presses @ 65% of one rep max

Dead Hang Pullups

Straight Leg Deadlifts [use same weight as for Floor Presses]

Double Unders

Athletes will complete 7 of each rep, then 6 of each rep, etc. down to 1 of each rep.


2 or 3 X (400, 800, 1200) Self-regulated Rest

"The Penalty Box" - For each interval that is more than a 10 second difference on the second round will result in a penalty. Each second over or under that 10 second window will result in a 3 burpee penalty. Burpee penalties must be performed after each interval.



Friday, August 24th

13 Reps of Each:

Snatch @ 85% of one rep max

Clean & Jerk [use same weight as for Snatch]

Athletes will alternate lifts, completing one snatch, followed by one clean & jerk.  Clean is to be a full squat clean, while the jerk can be any of push, power or split.  Rest time should be kept minimal between reps,  however it should allow for sufficient recovery to avoid failure of a lift.


Saturday, August 25th

5 K run


Sunday, August 26th

Amnesty - Pick a workout you missed from the previous week [no repeats]