Thursday, June 7th

4 x 400 meter run @ 1:1 work to rest ratio

followed by:

5 Minute AMRAP

4 Wallballs [20#/14#]

20 Air Squats

"AMRAP" will begin 1 minute after last runner finishes. Run fast, rest more :)

[Coach on the floor may run 2 sessions of the "AMRAP" as needed to accommodate variety of run times.]

THURSDAY ENDURANCE - Meet at Eli Whitney 6am / 15, 20 or 30 minute AMRAP on the trails


Friday, June 8th

5 Rounds

Max Rep Weighted Pullups [25#/10#]

200 meter Dumbell Farmers Carry [55#/35#]

2 minutes rest between rounds.


Saturday, June 9th

ECC's Local Hero WOD



I have a special request... I lost a friend and colleague this week.

Dave fought on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day 68 years ago at the young age of 19 and lived to tell about it. He spent the rest of his life dedicated to protecting vulnerable service men and women, having come out of retirement to continue building on his already long career working at Sikorsky until his 85th birthday only 2 years ago. I ate lunch with Dave on most days that he worked and learned so much about work and life from him. He wasn't just a passionate patriot, but had a heart of gold as well.

This Saturday, I will be attending his funeral, with full military honors. But Saturday would have been Dave's 87th birthday. We honor a lot of other heroes through crossfit, and I'd like to ask if Saturday's WOD, in it's current form, could just be dedicated to this true American hero. It would mean a lot

Lindsay O'Donnell

8 min AMRAP + 7 min AMRAP = 87

8 Minute AMRAP

1 Snatch 155/115#

5 Handstand Pushups

3 minutes Rest....

7 Minute AMRAP

10 KBS 70/55#

20 Double Unders


Sunday, June 10th

Amnesty - Pick a workout you missed from the previous week [no repeats]