Strength: Bench 10-8-6-4-2 (Start @ 70% of 1RM)
After each set - Athlete performs 5 DHPU's (or any variation of pullup)

Athlete will begin with the strength phase of the workout by completing 3-4 warmup sets on bench press. Then the athlete will complete 10 repetitions of bench press at 70% of your previously established one rep max. Immediately following your set of 10, you will move from the bench to the pull up station for your set of 5 pullups. This is to be completed as prescribed with the athlete adding weight as the sets descents with the final set being 2 repetitions of bench and 5 pullups.

Sellout: 5X Max Rep Dips (Rest as Needed)

For 5 sets - the athelete will try and establish the maximum number of repetitions of dips that can be done before failure. Rest as needed
Endurance: @ the Box (at Elm City CrossFit)
Group will jog to the old box on Leeder Hill for the start
2x400, 1x800, 1x1200, 1x800, 2x400 or
2x400, 1x800, 2x1200, 1x800, 2x400
WOD: 5 Rounds for Time (RFT)
20 KBS 55/35#
20 Double Unders (or 3x Singles)
WOD: "Fight Gone Bad" or "FGB"
Description, explanation and demo will be done Saturday before the WOD
Amnesty - Pick a workout that you may have missed during the week.

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