REGULAR CLASS SCHEDULE (Holiday schedules may be different and are announced on the WOD page)

Monday: 5:30am (class), 6:30am (class), 4:30pm (open gym), 5:30pm (class), 6:30pm (class)

Tuesday: 6:00 am-7:00 am (Endurance/Open Floor), 4:30pm (open gym), 5:30pm (class), 6:30pm (class)

Wednesday: 5:30am (class), 6:30am (class), 4:30pm (open gym), 5:30pm (class), 6:30pm (class)

Thursday: 6:00am-7:00am (endurance/Open Floor), 4:30pm (open gym), 5:30pm (class), 6:30pm (class)

Friday: 5:30am (class), 6:30am (class), 4:30pm (open gym), 5:30pm (class)

Saturday: 8:00am (open gym), 9:00am (class)

Sunday: 7:00am (Sunday Funday, open to non-members), 8:00am (open gym)

Speaking of "Open Floor"! --> This is a new offering for athletes who chose to do any program we may offer: Endurance, Strongman, Powerlifting, OLY Lifting, or Others Programming. This will give athletes the opportunity to use any and all of the equipment at Elm City (that doesn't interfere with the main class) while the gym is open. Our hope and vision is that this will appeal to other CrossFit athletes who have been taking classes for years and just want to do a workout or follow some of the other great programmers out there. We are hoping that this will generate new income and create some really great energy going forward. This will be available anytime the gym is open! It is called OPEN FLOOR! Spread the word Tell your friends from other gyms ~ We are hoping to pull athletes who need a change of venue and who dont want to be bothered with the traditional class structure.

Did someone say STRONGMAN AND STRONGWOMAN? We are putting the finishing touches on our Strongman Program by adding equipment (Eric and Joe personally funding :)) and seeking coaches and sport directors in the field to help us navigate this new venture. The idea that we increase our variety and increase revenues. Thank you for all of your support!


Returning soon!