In February of 2013, Elm City CrossFit joined the ranks of CrossFit gyms providing Kids courses to children of all ages. Given the reputation CrossFit has for extreme intensity and, occasionally, poor decision-making skills (google "Drywall CrossFit" or "overhead squat baby" and have a great read...), is it really smart to try to introduce children to this? Alternatively, is a CrossFit box really the best place to run a day-care? The answer to both questions is actually a resounding "no."

The goal is NOT to try to make children into mouth-frothing psychopaths, nor to baby-sit them. Like a lot of people, I came to CrossFit as a broken-down adult. (See an entire blog post basically called "Everything I've  Ever Done Wrong"). One of the main goals of a CrossFit Kids course has to be helping children (and the adults they will grow into) to avoid going down this path. What if, rather than hitting their 30s, and wondering what they did wrong, they hit their thirties and just kept improving? What if, to play the sport of their dreams, or to do any activity they wanted, no extra work was needed, because it had already been done?

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