I found a great post at Juggernaut Training System by Ryan Burgess that mirrored our thoughts in the original "Why CrossFit Kids?" post. Using the pyramid model of General Physical Preparedness (GPP) as the base of the pyramid, Special Physical Preparation (SPP) as the middle, and Technical Preparation as the pinnacle, Coach Ryan Burgess discusses how the pyramid has been flipped in America, especially in youth athletics. Using baseball pitchers as an example, kids spend 10 years learning how to throw a fastball, without once actually strengthening their bodies. At 15, they're getting their 2nd or 3rd Tommy John surgery, and are looking at forced retirement. In junior high or high school. This is unacceptable.

Please share this link throughout your respective circles, and ESPECIALLY with your kids' coaches in their respective sports, as well as with the parents of other student athletes. Parents should be actively DEMANDING their children get the best GPP they can, regardless of sport or talent. 

From the article:

"Preparedness is an afterthought.  And in a strange way, the kids that have the greatest potential are the ones who are getting hurt the most.  They get thrust into year-long competition well before they’re even remotely ready.  If they do get any kind of additional physical preparation, it’s typically devoted to specific skill development.  I’ve witnessed first hand 14 and 15 year old kids have to  retire  from sports because their childhood was dominated by one and only one activity, resulting in overuse injuries and burnout.  When kids are forced to drop out of sports, or withheld from competition, they’re removed from the very environment that fosters problem solving, competitive drive, and healthy coping mechanisms.  Not necessarily a great recipe for the future leaders of our country."