Paleo Solution - Robb Wolf's podcast - Episode 103 (question 5, Kids on Paleo) 

(link leads to show page with question text. You can either listen to the mp3 recording or read the pdf of the transcript. Either way, question & answer #5)

The following links were also listed on the Paleo Solution forums for further reading on the topic of kids and paleo eating. 








Each has a slightly different approach to getting kids to eat paleo, but remember just one important fact: as the parents, YOU control what they eat. Its up to you to make the hard decisions, and to stick by them, for the good of your family. Not always the easiest position, but that's what we get for being parents. Remember, for even more resources, just search google or facebook for anything paleo related. PaleOMG, PaleoHacks, Paleo Treats, among MANY others, are still out there waiting to be mined for ideas, approaches, and recipes. Enjoy!!