If you are looking to check us out, there is no better way than our ECC Free Introductory Session.  During this session you will have one of our Elm City CrossFit coaches walk you through the layout of a typical class, tell you a little about what we do and answer any specific questions you may have.  Then we will put you through a beginner level CrossFit workout, to both assess your current fitness level, as well as give you a dose of what we serve here.  Intro sessions can be done one on one, with a buddy, or as part of a class [as the Workout of the Day and scheduling permits].

To schedule your FREE Elm City CrossFit Introductory Session:

E-mail membership@ElmCityCrossFit.com to schedule your appointment


If you have had your FREE Elm City CrossFit Introductory Session already, or know that you are ready to join our community of athletes, the next stop is our Foundations Concept Course.

We want you to be successful in reaching whatever goal(s) you desire.  Part of that success will be driven by your understanding and execution of the a wide variety of movement concepts.  Prior to participating in a "main" WOD, there is the Foundation Concepts Course.  Also called "on-ramp" the Foundations Concepts Course is mandatory for athletes of varing abilities.  From first-timers to deconditioned athletes, the process is used as an assessment as well as a safe way for athletes to adjust to ECC's programming methods. 

The 3 mandatory sessions are by appointment and will be 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 with a certified trainer.  The sessions will focus on movement competency and standards, basic biomechanics, nutrition, energy pathways, indicators of overtraining and the components of a workout.  If you show an understanding for the basics,  after your 3rd session you will be phased into the main group for scaled WODs, designed to let you show us your movement proficiency, as well as set the baseline for your progress as you move forward into our main classes.  

The cost for this course is $212.70 per person [CT Sales Tax included]

NOTICE: Elm City CrossFit does not offer refunds, credits or transfers.  Please, be sure that our services match your needs before committing through payment.

Contact membership@elmcitycrossfit.com to reserve your spot for the next available start date, or sign up via our Online Store in the Services section, product code "On-Ramp".




Unlimited Monthly $159.53 (incl. tax)

Limited Monthly $106.35 (incl. tax)



Member Rate $79.76/hour (incl. tax)

Non-member Rate $106.35/hour (incl. tax)



First Child $79.76 (incl. tax)

Each Additional Child $53.18 (incl. tax)



New program perfect for athletes looking to create more stability, strength and power. 

Members $225

Non-Members $450