Getting in shape doesn’t have to be the lonely training session in the family room while juniors napping only to jump up and get the phone hoping you can vicariously live your girlfriends latest night out story. Losing those last 5 pounds shouldn’t include the unsolicited stares as you try to figure out which handle to pull and where to sit on the latest fad machine at the Globo Gym. You could try Crossfit but you heard it’s to competitive for what you want to accomplish and 3-2-1 GO crazy time is the hours between 7 and 9 getting ready for the day, not a fitness routine.

Enter MissFit, Forged by the experiences of Melissa Nadeau wh...o started at ECC in the Crossfit G-Pop and was throwing down with the best of them things were looking promising for the young athlete. It was then in the Spring of 2014 Melissa was side lined, it was then that Melissa became a mom. Throughout her maternal rehab she stayed active, fitting in fitness where ever and whenever she could. She was all too familiar with tripping on the exercise ball on the way to hit pause on the Brazilian Butt Lift DVD or uncomfortably listening to the latest self-proclaimed trainer at the Gobo Gym explain the thigh abductor machine with tactile precision. This journey has led to MissFit, the development of a comfortable gathering of like-minded women who want to lead a healthy lifestyle, translation, let’s get together and get fit with a variety of movements and always changing format that is customized to each person individual abilities.

PS. Include family, See friends, make new friends and look forward to doing it again…I think that sums up the fit life!

Kickoff meeting and party will be held at Elm City CrossFit ~ Friday, April 1st @ 5 pm

Normal Class Schedule will be: Monday, Wednesday and Friday @ 9:30 am