Class Description:

ECC Mobility is designed to help athletes build flexibility and prevent injury. It incorporates various forms of yoga and physical conditioning to enhance athletic potential, to teach body awareness, and to prevent injury. These classes are intended to aid sport, not to be a sport in and of themselves. Therefore, “I’m terrible at flexibility” is exactly the sentiment that should drive you to attend Tuesday & Thursday at 6:30pm and Sunday at 8:00am.

All moves are modifiable for all varying levels of flexibility. Unlike a traditional yoga class and more like the CrossFit style, only a few poses will be described and demonstrated per class and students will be critiqued as they do each stretch slowly and carefully with multiple repetitions. Each individual should watch the demonstration of how to get into each pose and out of each pose fully but be comfortable only going into the stretch to the extent that is comfortable for him: the point is to build strength and flexibility not to look good or to compete. Stretching pain is ok: it should feel like a deep massage. But “red-flag” pain is not ok and likewise it is never ok to compromise the set up, the technique or the proper positioning for depth in a pose. Remember: the point of this class is to deepen proper flexibility and core strength in the places where your body needs it in order to be correctly aligned and protected from injury.

Who’s Teaching:

Crystal is creating and instructing this course; her gym name is Rhabdo. She is a Yale Medical Student in the final phases of her studies. She came to ECC in 2009 after years of daily yoga and many years of competitive athletics. She swam, ran, and rowed competitively. She enjoyed Yale cycling and triathlon teams, dabbled with boxing and loves surfing. With the help of ECC training, she completed her first IronMan in 2011, injury and pain free. She worked with physicians at the San Francisco Ballet and has been part of the medical team for many sporting events. Ultimately, she is pursuing a rich career in sports medicine and would like to express her gratitude for this opportunity to impart the knowledge she has gained thus far.


Your critique and feedback is greatly appreciated. Please be encouraged to give your thoughts after each class and/or email comments to crystal.piper@elmcitycrossfit.com.