O.P.P.  – Open Preparation Program is designed specifically for the non- specific physical demands of CrossFit Competition. Our mission is to prepare the competitive CrossFit athlete with the skills needed to compete on any stage, in any mode given the basic attributes of fitness, strength and skill.

If you are interested in our Elm City CrossFit OPP Team, or if you want more information – contact Joe at joe.kusnitz@elmcitycrossfit.com

Requirements and expectations:

Ultimate goal is to prepare for CrossFit Competitions – More specifically to have a team that will represent Elm City CrossFit in the Regional Competition in May 2014

Membership requirements – Athletes are expected to workout 5 days a week. All OPP athletes must hold an unlimited membership package at ECC

Rest Day will be set: Monday and Fridays are programmed rest/recovery days. Athlete may do strength recovery or mobility work but are expected not to workout.

OPP Daily Wods will consist of multiple parts but the main workout or strength component will mimic the main ECC workout. OPP athletes are expected to workout with the main class for these basic components. Additional work is to be completed at one of the following times:

o   Whenever the gym is open

o   Before or after class

OPP Programming will be distributed weekly by Coach Joe via email.

o   All OPP athletes must provide accurate email addresses

OPP Athletes are required to respond to Joe at least 2-times monthly on:

o   Progress, injuries, concerns and status updates

Weekly Competition Wods:

o   OPP Athletes are required to participate in at least 2 competition workouts weekly

o   Competition WODs

  • §  Wednesday 7:30 pm
  • §  Thursday 7:30 pm
  • §  Saturday 8:00 am
  • §  Sunday 8:00 am

OPP Athletes are required to post scores, reps, weights and the like to the comments section of the ECC WOD blog daily.

OPP Athletes must compete in at least 3 CrossFit competitions prior to the start of the CrossFit Open 2014 (March 2014)