It is that time of year again where we roll up our proverbial sleeves, pickup our tool of choice and get ready to do work. If you don’t know what I am talking about, I am referring to the CrossFit Open. For the first time in Elm City CrossFit history, we have a group of athletes who have been training specifically for this event. In years past, we simply nibbled at the thought of actually putting a program together that would be specifically designed to increase our CrossFit knowledge, strength, experience, awareness and ultimately our output.  Now we have made it a reality. 

Contrary to previous beliefs, CrossFit specific training was not regulated to a select few who decided to participate in the CrossFit Open Competition. Elm City CrossFit Programming has been changed to focus all of our athletes on this competition. Every single athlete at Elm City CrossFit has been a part of this process. We at Elm City Crossfit are focused on readying all of our athletes for this competition as well as any obstacle we may endure in the competition of life.

So the obvious question remains. The question is not why should I compete in the Open - it is WHY SHOULD'NT I?  The answer should be, Step out of your comfort zone! Take this unique opportunity to participate in a world-wide event that covers the globe and invites hundreds of thousands of participants to compete in the exact workout, over the exact period of time with the exact standards prescribed to each athlete who participates.  Compete against not only other athletes in our Elm City community but also against others in our region and world. Just think, you are doing the same workout as Rich Froning and Iceland Annie weekly. 

Each week our comfortable, cozy gym will turn into an inferno of fierce competition, full of energy, bravery, and most of all comrodary. Each Saturday will be SUPER SATURDAY - a day that we can show off our integrity, our conviction, our concentration. Most think the Open is a test of fitness. At Elm City Crossfit it is more than about physical output. For us it is our celebration - our individualized expression of who we are on the inside. We are not concerned with scores, placement or outcome. We are more excited that we will collectively participate and experiences this community event as one proud team.