It's clear that the majority of our athletes toed the line for the CF Open.  Hopefully all of our athletes understand that results are earned not given and that fitness is a product of countless workouts not any single effort. 

We can say the same about nutrition.  You can be very rigid or a legit 80/20 and make great progress.  You can also trick yourself into thinking what you're doing is great but unless you are satisfied with how you look, feel, and perform you need to make the necessary adjustment to reach or exceed your goals

 Let’s look at some of the key points discussed at the last nutrition presentation. 

The best of times, the worst of times! Our genetic make-up coupled with the advances in modern society has created a toxic filled environment. The human body does an amazing job of adapting to it’s environment and surrounds. This adaptive nature has given us the opportunity to feed our bodies less than ideal nutrients for thousands of years. In a more modern sense, advances in chemistry, specifically processed sugars further amplifies our bodies ability to contour to what it is given –not in a healthy way but as a mechanism of survival. Without this adaptive nature – we would have weathered away hundreds of years ago!

We have created the “perfect storm.” Current advances in medicine aside, we are living in the most unhealthiness of times. We have created a harmful eating environment coupled with a society whose main focus and motivating is more convenience and less physical movements, we are left with an epidemic sedentary existence. Today’s children have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

Now the blame game! Too many people blame their genetics for a lack of progress. You must first present an environment for the expression of a given trait. Pre-existing factors and heredities do play a role, but in order for the effect to take place, the body must be fed the catalyst for that effect.


The majority of adults make the decision to create a toxic environment by the foods they eat. We will refer to this as toxins. “The real problem with exposure to many of these substances isn’t the immediate impact on cells but the previously unseen changes to genes’ subsequent activity throughout an individual’s lifetime.” Mark Sesson

We work hard every day. There is no reason why every single athlete in ECC should not be setting and reaching and achieving their goal(s).  Identify your strengths, concerns, and possible barriers to success.  Utilize your coaches and develop a plan of action.