The Open

The CrossFit Open season is finally upon us. We are all open to the invitation to compete in the same arena with the world’s best CrossFitters. In the quest to crown the “Fittest on the Planet” we are open to the concept that we too can participate and on some level compete against athletes from all over the world in each week’s designated workout. With this participation, comes great opportunity, scrutiny and solitude. The Open is less about how you fare against local heroes or past winners, it is simply another test, another opportunity and chance for you to step out of your comfort zone and onto the mat for a friendly and fierce competition.

Exciting as it may sound, what does the open mean? To me, sometimes it opens up the preverbial Pandora’s box of much criticism, sadness and controversy. Participation gives you a front seat access to all the Open offers. What does the Open mean for an Average Joe? It opens CrossFit and the Games season to more than just weights, times and workouts. It’s not called the Open for nothing!

Open for Image attacks, Open for movement criticisms, Open to critiques on standards, Open to questions of functionality, Open to questions about safety, Open the questionable training regiments, Open to periodization concerns, Open to injury, Open to sports, Open to the question of drug use, Open to the idea that 5 workouts can account and gauge true fitness?

What does the Open mean to Elm City CrossFit? It means our athletes get to sign up and be a part of the CrossFit Games. It is your opportunity to try something new in an environment and community that supports you for who you are and not the score you post. Just like other events we promote and support, it is our hope that our athletes are well-rounded, educated athletes about their preparation and certain expectations for success.

Have you been training specifically for the CrossFit Games? Is your fitness prowess defined by how you perform in only 5 workouts? Does the Open competition know what your goals are? Do your fellow competitors know your goals? Be confident. Be aware. Above all be proud that you will be representing yourself in another test. The only difference between this test and any other test performed daily at Elm City CrossFit is that your score will be posted to a website besides our workout blog. The Open will open you up to another path towards success in your journey with us. We welcome your fight, your motivation, your courage and your commitment towards your journey.

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