Let's Keep on Bettering Ourselves
by Larry Jones
It's February and in our box that means two things - Spring is about a month away and the beginning of competition season is also right around the corner. As ECC athletes, you all submitted your 2012 goal sheets (or should have) by now. As coaches, we recognize that these goals vary in many different aspects, but at the same time, these goal sheets carry a similar theme - all of you have set goals to better yourselves in some way. As you can tell from our programming, we help you to gauge your progress either through max days, time trials or typical crossfit style timed WODs. For each of you to get stronger, faster, and all around fitter (is that a word?), you compete every time you enter the box - whether it be with yourself, your gym-buddy or by looking at scores from an earlier class.
With that said, starting February 22, we all have an opportunity to gauge our progress and compete in a different manner in the Crossfit Open. The Open is a 5 week competition where a new workout is released each week and all competitors have that week to complete the workout and post it to the Games website. For some, the Open is the first step to competing at the Crossfit Games, but for most of us it's the first chance in 2012 to have friendly (virtual) competition against other athletes outside of their box where everyone is held to the same standard. The workouts are meant to be challenging but they are also designed for all levels of athletes to participate. So we, the Coaches,  encourage all ECC athletes to sign up to participate in the Open. We will host the weekly competitions and provide the judging necessary for you to record your scores.

Registration went live as of February 2 and you can sign up here (I did)-> http://games.crossfit.com/. Let's do this and have some fun!!
And if you need another incentive, the more members that sign up, the better changes of our box winning a weekly prize (com'on everyone likes prizes).