It is often said that good things come to those who wait. I agree partially with that statement. The part that refers to the consistency and diligence put forward in solid training. I disagree with the notion that if I simply participate in training I will become a better, fitter athlete. NEGATIVE!

Just as we have alluded to in previous post, rest is just as important as hard work. Being able to listen to your body, not just while it is complaining but when it’s asking for help in rest, is a diligent, smart and aware athlete. So if we have established rest is a key to success and participation alone is not the golden key to achievement – so what is?

I recently had a coaches meeting where we were studying the success rates and goals of some of our athletes. It was very apparent that in order to achieve success you have to have a goal. What follows next is the most important element of success. You must have a safe, manageable and diligent path towards this goal. Does a couch potato sign up for a marathon and the next day go out and run twenty miles? Absolutely not! So why would you put unattainable and unsafe expectations on yourself in training? Not only is it not smart for fitness longevity, it also a quick way towards injury.

Fortunately, we are surrounded with great athletes, wonderful and inspirational success stories and a general feeling of comfort at Elm City. We have a community of like-minded people brought together to be better human beings. It is important to understand your own individual fitness and your personal prescription for success. As you know, we expect each individual to have a clear understanding and awareness when it comes to foundations. I am not just referring to simple setups and ques. I am talking about the simple components that makes a participant into a training athlete. Simply remind yourself that Rome was not built in a day and your fitness journey cannot be defined by one singular workout. You must define your path with safe, hard work and smart fitness choices.