Written by: Larry Jones


This winter has been a finicky - is it going to be warm? is it going to be cold? It seems like it can't decide. Personally, the constant change in weather has really screwed me up this season. This past weekend, while tooling around running errands, I noticed that practically every cashier I came in contact with was either coughing, sneezing or wiping their noses. No matter where I went, it seemed like someone was fighting off some kind of cold or virus.


Obviously it's that time of year where people are passing viruses and colds around like free government cheese. Of course, no one likes to be sick but we will all get sick at some point. As athletes we are scheduled with our workouts/WODs and rest days and try to keep to this schedule or routine no matter what. Even when we start to feel sick, and then get sick, and then look like shit while we're sick, we still try to get our workouts in. Part of becoming a better athlete is not only being able to listen to your body but being able to make yourself take rest days.


The old adage that getting a good sweat in will make the sickness go away, is frankly, b.s. If you feel yourself coming down with something or if you have something, do yourself a favor, take a day or two off to rest and recover. Do the rest of the gym members a favor and be courteous by keeping your germs at home. Then come back virus free and rejuvenated from your days of rest, ready to attack the workouts again. And afterwards, ALWAYS remember to wipe down your own equipment when your done. It'll go a long way from keeping our box from becoming a petri dish for H1N1 or any of its cousins.