Hello All;

It's been two months since I was activated for this deployment!

Since my last update, we successfully mobilized and left Mississippi for our overseas location. Between layovers and time zones it was like a 3 day project. Everything is better than I expected as recent renovations have us in at least the late 1990's.

The food is much better but I think it's very dangerous for most. It is a 24/7 operation that uses “stop-light” labeling. Red is limit, yellow is moderate amounts, and green means go! An example of my issue with this system is that Alfredo sauce is a Green label while baked chicken w/ skin is a Red light. I know!It is based on the same junk as in the U.S. Low fat, high carb, low-moderate protein. Many of the soldiers seem confused when they look at my plate full of Red light foods. After some "soap-boxing," I usually say you eat what you want. Then I remind them that I am old enough to be a father to them then add a sarcastic "just try to keep up." That is what usually drives my point across :)

Personally I have made adjustments and find myself somewhere between a bodybuilding meal plan (allowing oatmeal, rice, and potatoes with 4 meals a day) and my 1st year of “paleo” (with an over consumption of nuts trying to up the fat for satiety) and fruit (when a better carb option is not available). The feeling out process of what works and what doesn't is still in progress. I feel that I am getting closer to what will allow me to look, feel, and perform my best and to compromise as needed to function in this heat and humidity.

Workouts have been good. They have quality equipment for traditional workouts and another open space with KB, jump ropes, and a few other things to do some ECC style workouts. Shortly after I did a few sessions, Jerks and Snatches have since been banned. It's justified as space is limited and injury could occur. Plus, others may try these lifts without proper training and injury may/surely will follow.

I do all running, “back packing,” or any other outdoor exercise in the early morning or night and even then it feels like having a hair dryer blowing hot air down my throat (like porn but with the possibility of heat stroke).

Well, I hope you have been enjoying the new ECC location. I look forward to seeing you sooner rather than later. Till that time, remember to Train Hard, Eat Clean, and Rest Often =)

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