Looks can be deceiving...The New Year's annual celebration is designed and has represented new beginnings and resolutions for decades... Are we actually looking for new beginnings or have we evolved to the point where we have no need for fad diets, empty promises and unrealistic expectations... At Elm City we don't need an annual celebration to honor our successes and struggles towards our goals... We believe in a proven and systematic approach to quality coaching and effective means towards continuous success... In the past few weeks we have seen many personal records fall ...It was an amazing time for not only our individual athletes but our ECC community as a whole... we tested our physical strength - but more importantly we continue to test our motivation, our effectiveness and our training... We would like to extend our sincerest congratulation to all of our athletes here at Elm City Crossfit... It was a spectacular end to another wonderful year... It also served as propulsion into what is sure to be an amazing year in 2012!

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