A few things are happening this Saturday that I want to make everyone aware of.  Obviously we are having our yearly ECC party.  Joe posted the details in an earlier post this week so just scroll down a bit and there they are.  Really the only reason I'm mentioning it again is because I have this picture, and really, there isn't many other topics that I can talk about where this is even remotely relevent...so yeah, holiday / year end party, bust out your ugly sweaters, or sweater skirts as it were, Corinna is just looking for another excuse!

The other event we have going on is Soulcraft's Grand Opening.  There will be some Jiu Jitsu people from all over the state here helping to celebrate Brad's new gig.  I encourage all of you to come check it out.  Vin and I will be putting a warmup and small workout together for Brad's squad, then it is time for choke town.  There will be some demo's, some talking, and some good Jiu Jitsu taking place.  Now is a great time to see what it is all about and ask any questions you may have, and really, it's in your house.  Show starts at noon...choke town to sweater town, all in one day.  That's who we are, ECC giving people what they want, submissions and parties.


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