My training and nutrition has a face. It has a body. It has a presence. I consider him my friend. One who relies and counts on me. We have a continual relationship. And just like any other relationship, it requires compromise, attention and most of all commitment. He knows my every nuance. He knows my short-comings, my motivations, my failures, and my success. He knows my deepest and darkest secrets. He requires balance and motivation. He is a true friend in every since of the word. He gets me and the only requirement in return, that I respect him and make sure that he stays a part of my life.
I will never turn my back on him. There was a time where I did turn a blind eye to him. The funny thing is – he never complained. He never made mention about what I was doing to my body without him. He did not nag me that every day that passed; I did not only neglect him, but negotiated our future. Something happened. I began to realize that this relationship was important to me. It may not be a first priority in my life, but it is a priority. I have come to know and love my friend. We have explored many new obstacles and have seen an entirely new side of not only me but my family, my surroundings and he has opened me up to a more fruitful and joyous world. I will forever be indebted to my friend and try and live up to his expectations. ~ The Average Joe