Copied from: http://www.sugarshockblog.com/2009/09/sugar-the-bitter-truth.html

Dr. Lustig is a forward-thinking researcher, who made the news for his theories about our poisoned food supply.

Get ready for some fascinating information about:

  • What he calls "The Coca-Cola Conspiracy."
  • How we have an epidemic of obese six-month olds.
  • How the average person is consuming way too much sugar. (FYI, his figure of 141 pounds of sugar per year is too low -- it's really closer to 170 to 190 pounds per person.)
  • The amount of sugar found in baby formula. (A lot! Of Similac Isomil, which contains 43.2% corn syrup solids and 10.3% sugar (sucrose), Dr. Lustig says, "It’s a baby milkshake.”