Thais @ CF MattersHey everyone, I just wanted to post a little information to make it easier to get around the new digs here.  First off, beneath our rad new twitter feed in the center column, you will see links to the rss feeds for the wod, blog and blog comments.  You can subscribe here to our feed and get email notification when new information gets put out.  I'm trying to save you from wearing our your mouse clicking refresh [damn right you got this shit up 24/7 at work slack asses].  Second, there are no comments in the wod section.  All commenting will be done in the blog.  In fact, I removed the comments link in the wod section so no one gets any funny ideas.  You want to open your mouth, do it in the blog holmes.  Third, I added a little picture in the far right column that will appear when you are in the wod and blog sections, that will bring to you whichever one you aren't currently in.  Listen, I'm here to save you mouse clicks.  We need you fresh when you are in here, grip strength people.

And finally, in honor of the CrossFit Games swim testing their athletes, and really, because this will never get old!!!


Damn you sexy BLee!