Monday June 6, 2011

Reminder: There will be a 3:30pm WOD, but NO 4:30pm WOD

Have you let your nutitional choices go over the falls?Strength: 3x7

Press @ 82%

Sellout: 3RFT


10 KBS 70/55

Tuesday June 7, 2011

Tuesday's in June: One Early A.M. WOD @ 6:00am -combined 530am, Endurance, and 630am 

Hero WOD: For Time


Run 800m

Run 400m backward

Run 800m

Run 400m backward

6am Endurance athletes training for distance events will add an additional 800/400


We have a few updates regarding your fresh ECC gear.  It is about time for us to put in for another embroidery order!  The coaches got it, and many of you expressed interest in it.  Bring whatever it is you want embroidered to Bobby between now and Sunday, June 19th.  June 19th will be a hard deadline as I need to supply all the pieces up front.  I won't know the costs until I have a final count, but with you supplying the gear, the pricing will be reasonable...think single digit $$$ per item.  What I would prefer is you hand me the gear so I can make sure I understand the color and location.  For those who haven't seen what they look like, I will have a sample with me in my backpack to show you.  It is our ECC logo, as seen on the top right of our homepage, about 3 inches across in size.  If you are not able to give to me directly, please leave in a bag at the gym with my name on it, your name on it, and the color and location.  Please email me with any questions Bobby.Wheeler@ElmCityCrossFit.com.

As you are likely aware by now, especially if you have been around on Monday nights, ECC is a proud sponser of the New Haven Warriors rugby team.  The link directly to their site is now active, and on it you can purchase their training shirts that have our logo displayed on the back.  Help the team out and buy a shirt!