Monday May 9, 2011

Remember to send me your pictures of "elite-ness." Greg climbed, crawled, and completed another Tough Mudder this weekend.  I know Greg would sign-up for 50 Mudders in 50 States (if they offered it). Nice Work!

Nick, Mike, Joe, and Vin ran the Norwalk Mother's Day 10k. Checkout the photos in the media section.

Athletes that completed the bench and DL post your total to comments.

This Saturday, Shoreline CF is having a charity WOD. You are encouraged to attend. ECC will only offer a 9:30 Amnesty WOD that day.

WOD: 12 min AMRAP

50 KBS 55/35

40 DU

30 DH Pull-ups


10 OHS 115/85

Tuesday May 10, 2011

Early AM @ 6:00am ONLY

Endurance combined with 530 and 630 WODs 

Power: 4x5

Back Squat @ 80%

Followed by 800m Run

Mid-day, Mid-afternoon & Night Classes

Power: 4x2

Back Squat @ 90%


30 Sec BS 95/65

30 Sec SLDL

30 Sec Box Jump

30 Sec Rest