Wednesday May 4, 2011

There is no secret to reaching goal “X.” It’s at the end of all my e-mails:

Train smart, eat clean, and smile often 

Over a decade of training others has allowed me to identify some major barriers to achievement:

One of the major problems is a defeatist attitude. You may know is as the “I cants.” I can’t do this because, I can’t do that today or I'm just not able to.

Another is your commitment level. It's not called hard work for nothing.

Many have gotten as far as the can with present level of commitment. However, some goals need next-level championship commitment. 

Adjust your goals if you are unwilling to continue to sacrifice or maybe even sacrifice more?

Every ECC athlete should be working on "Next-level" championship commitment.  In the end, you are responsible for you!

Make zero excuses.

Train smart, eat clean, smile often


2ea Pistols

2ea Single leg DL w/Olympic Bar 95/65

Sellout: 1.5m Run

Lindsay O'Donnell getting her WODs in while traveling

Thursday May 5, 2011

Power: 15x on the minute 

2 G2S2OH @ 65%


Max Rep: Ring Dips