Weekend Schedule:  

May 27: Friday- Only 1 PM WOD @ 430pm, AM classes are unchanged  

WOD: 8x Round Robin Tabata

SLDL 135/95


F. Squats 135/95

Medball Cleans 20/16

Sample Round: 20sec sldl,10sec rec: 20sec sit-ups,10sec rec: 20sec squats-ups,10sec rec: 20sec Medball,10sec rec: 

May 28: Saturday- Team WOD @ ECC- 10:00am  

2011 CrossFit Regional Team Workout 6

For time:
Row 20 calories
30 Burpees
30 Two-arm dumbbell ground-to-overhead (45/35lb DBs KB 55/35)
30 Toes to bar
100 foot Overhead walking lunge (45/25lb plate)
50 foot Sprint  

General Rules: click the link for individual movement standards http://games.crossfit.com/features/team-movement-standards-and-rules-regionals

Teams of four (ECC #s will be modified based on # of athletes that show-up for the team WOD)are comprised of the two men and two women who did not compete in Team Workout 5. This is a chipper workout. All four athletes perform the entire workout. Athletes begin behind the line. At Go, the first athlete enters and completes the Row. When that athlete has completed the row, they move on to Burpees, and the second athlete may begin the Row. This pattern continues, in order, through all of the movement. No athlete can begin their next station until the athlete ahead of them is clear from that station. The athlete in front does not have to wait for anyone behind. A team’s result is the total time for all 4 members to go through the workout. There is a 20-minute time cap. If a team cannot finish in the time cap, their result is the time cap plus a one second penalty for each rep not completed.  

May 29: Sunday @ 10:00 Hike:(Backpacks optional) to the top of East Rock and an optional body weight WOD in one of the upper parking lots    

May 30: Monday WOD in the Park @ 10:00-DeNicola Park- Located on Treadwell