Wednesday March 2, 2011

ECC Equipment

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What did you have for dinner on Tuesday?

What athletes are planning on competing in the CrossFit Open?

Is anyone running this Sunday’s Race @ Toad’s?

Death by:

Deadhang Pull-up

T 2 B

DHPU & T2B to be completed as a set: 

Min 1: (1 DHPU, 1 T2B), Min 2: (1 DHPU, 1 T2B), (1 DHPU, 1 T2B)...

Athlete will continue until the reps can not be completed in the 60 sec time period

EpicMealTime.com gets THICK, QUICK, and NASTY

Thursday March 3, 2011

Strength & Power:


Front Squat @ 80%-85%-90%-95%

After each set:

20 Box Jumps 24/20