Friday February 25, 2011

Post in comments what you consumed for lunch on Thursday. 

The videos in this post are very educational and NEED to be viewed.  These are not 100% "Paleo" but the videos are still very educational and informative.

You can check out all the Weston A. Price videos @ http://www.youtube.com/user/TheWestonAPrice

WOD: 10-10-10-10

Muscle Snatch 95/65-No Drop

KBS 70/55


3x1min on: 1min off



Saturday February 26, 2011

Hero WOD:10 RFT


Run 150 meters

7 Chest to bar pull-ups

7 Front squat 135/95

7 Handstand push-ups

Note: There will be a 7am non-coached WOD for Saturday Only - Starbucks at 8am

Kara and her friend performing a Tabata in Cancun. We hope you ladies used protection 3-2-1 GO.

Elm City Crossfit is opening its doors for our 1st Women's Only Intro Class

When: Saturday - Feb. 26th @ 11 am

Where: Elm City Crossfit

Who: Any women interested in trying out what we have to offer at Elm City

Prerequisite: Female ready to have fun

Please e-mail Joe at joe.kusnitz@elmcitycrossfit.com for more information or if you plan on attending