Life is a test- a test of physical abilities, a test of spirit, a test of extended endurance. No not the type of endurance like in a race. The type of endurance you gain through positive momentum and continued exposure to the tests. We all start with a foundation, a motivation to make a change, to become something better – a drive towards a goal. We are drawn together by these common goals and foundations. No matter the test, our community is held together by differing personalities but by a common theme – to test! We test our limits, to stress our mental fatigue and physical prowess but above all, we ultimately discover ourselves through all we witness and endure. There is no pass or fail. There is only the accumulation of the experiences and your personal reaction- be it physical, mental or spiritual. At Elm City CrossFit, the test is all about your discovery. We share, we slave, we learn, we endure, and we repeat all for the opportunity to test!

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