Our family just keeps getting bigger and bigger! Not only are we happy to welcome so many new faces and personalities into our Elm City family – we are also very excited to announce several of our family members expecting their own families to grow within the next 9 months.

As a father of 3 beautiful girls and a survival victim from the journey of child birth, I am excited to be a first hand witness to this amazing transformation. Just remember ice cream and chilidogs are not paleo. Additionally, I am extremely happy for you but not as happy as I am not to be going through this phase of my life again. I have vivid memories of our doctors studying my wife vigina like they were mechanics looking under the hood of a car.  I am honored to have the opportunity to share this special time as I look forward to our own journey.  I speak for the coaches and my fellow athletes of Elm City by extending our sincerest congratulations for this exciting news.