Undoubtedly, fitness centers across the nation are being swarmed with people who will make remarkable lifestyle changes for the better in 2011.  Those that make long lasting lifestyle changes will be grossly out numbered by the millions that will succumb to fads, ads, and magic potions. The latter will never truly commit, make excuses and wonder what went wrong this time. 

To be the minority of successful athletes you must:

  • Develop a realistic goal
  • Have a plan that is designed to allow you to safely reach your goal
  • Understand that commitment is not “most days of the week,” it’s 24/7!
  • Improve your mental readiness because it’s more gratifying than mental bargaining
  • Understand that human movement should not justify unhealthy nutritional choices

I know that everyone likes to think that they are the “special one” or “exception to the rule.” For the most part, that is just not true. Sure individuals have specific needs when it comes to training and nutrition.  But failure to achieve a healthy lifestyle goal (look good, get stronger, feel good) is typically a result of:

  • Having unrealistic goals - physically and socially unattainable due to genetics and/or available time, resources, exc.


  • A poor plan – too much _____, not enough_____ (work: rest, volume: intensity, you fill in the blanks)


  • Lack of commitment -on-again off-again training, nutrition, mental readiness


  • Poor mental readiness - excess stress, lack of sleep, ineffective coping strategies


  • Poor nutritional habits- processed foods and consumption that doesn’t meet activity level

The point being, I know and coach all the athletes in the gym. Everyone trains hard and I believe with good intentions. Unfortunately life gets hectic, birthdays and holidays happen.  In 2011, take the time to look at, talk to, and learn from those coaches and athletes that embody this lifestyle.  

I can sit here and type all day but unless you take the time to digest what I am saying this just becomes letters on a page.


The 2011 ECC Challenge will begin Jan 17th. Over the next 2 weeks the majority of workouts will be pre-assessments not only for the Challenge but for 2011 as well.

Dennis, Shirley, Crystal, Greg and a random guy dislocating a little girl's arm @ Chili 5K

Monday January 3, 2011

Test 1

Strength: Max

Deadlift -15min cap

If you are a newbie or a veteran with less than ideal form you will work technique and/or 3-5RM

Test 2


500m Row - 2 attempts 

Tuesday January 4, 2011

Party photos posted in MEDIA

Test 3

Strength: 3RM

Front Squat

Test 4: 10min Cindy

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air Squats