Thursday January 13, 2011

Did you do anything interesting in the snow on Wednesday?

Tom WODing in Hanu (no snow).

Buy-in: 1 min

Max Rep T2B

WOD:12 min AMRAP

2 Dead hang L-Pull-ups

2 ea Single-arm KB Snatch



Yes, you read that right and there are no tricks!!! We will run as a group chatting and socializing the entire way!!

Can you guess who came up with this one....Vin or Kimmie??? hehhee :)

We will do one big loop, starting and finishing at ECC. Below is a link for the route.


Shirley's snow day was interesting

Friday January 14, 2011

Power: 1RM: 8 min cap*

Clean & Jerk

*5 min C&J warm-up prior to 8 min cap

WOD: 5x On the minute


5 Box Jumps

Thais slow cooked short ribs. What was your snow day recipe?

All athletes must complete and email to Vin - vin.lindsley@elmcitycrossfit.com

(copy and paste into the body of the email)

2011 Challenge Start-up Sheet:              NAME:

Circle your primary training focus for 2011?

  • Sports specific training
  • General fitness

If Sports Specific:

What sports?

  • Running
  • Multi-sport
  • CrossFit
  • Other _______________

Will you be purchasing a training plan? Yes/No

If General Fitness:

Primary concern

  • How you look
  • How you feel

What was your 2010 goal(s)?

1.  Fitness goal:  ________________________________


2.   Nutrition goal: ________________________________


Did you meet your 2010 fitness/nutrition goal(s)? Yes/No


If no, WHY?


If yes, HOW?


What are your 2011 goal(s)?

1.  Fitness goal: ________________________________


2.   Nutrition goal: ________________________________


How will you meet your 2011 fitness/nutrition goal(s)?

 Guess who made this Non-Paleo cake?