Monday August 30, 2010

A round of applause goes out to Brian Lee and the New Haven Warriors for competing in this past weekend's AMNRL National Championship.

photo lifted from FBStrength:
OHS 3x3 @ 85% w/ rack
Weighted Grass Dash-1/2 BW (kb or db)
2 P. Clean & Split Jerk 135/95

Endurance: Shuttle Repeats

3x7 min on:5 min off

Big group shot post-WOD in the Park

Tuesday August 31, 2010

Clean 2x3 @ 80% no drop
DL: 3x3 @ 87-92% no drop
Bench: 1x Max Rep of 1/2, 3/4, 1 @ BW

Endurance: 20 min of:

1min off:1min off