Saturday Aug. 28th WOD in the Park Edgerton Park @ 9am Look at the new schedule for updated class times! 


 Sean going through pre-WOD skill work

Wednesday August 25, 2010 "3-peat"

Buy-in: Row: 500m - Time Trial Start: Clock runs throughout New rowers start on the next minute once previous rower finishes

Followed by: KBS: Pick 1 70/55 – 30 reps 55/35 – 45 reps 35/20 – 60 reps

Followed by:


1 P. Snatch 95/65

2 Overhead Squat

3 Chin-ups

200m Run


Repeat Swim: SC-4 x, IC-6 x, LC-8 x 200m

Bike: SC-4 x, IC-6 x, LC-8 x 1 mile

Run: SC-4 x, IC-6 x, LC-8 x 800m

Welcome to Nyasha, Gary, and Laura who all began "On-ramp" this past Mon.

Thursday August 26, 2010


On the minute for 13 min

1 SLDL 135/95 (floor-waist-floor=1)

2 Clean (full squat)

3 Push-up w/ hand release

Sell-out: 2x Max Reps Pull-ups

Endurance: Cover Distance S-12 min B-25 min R-18 min