Monday August 23, 2010

New Schedule Starts Tuesday

Tom post crash

I don't even know how many moving parts ECC had this weekend.  Jim and Bobby @ the Strongman Comp & Seminar and Killing it. WOD'ers in the box and trail runners @ West Rock. ECC/E had more atheletes @ the Litchfield Hills Triathlon than most of the "tri clubs." We had:Tom, Erin, Kimmie, Shirely, myself and Crystal (support). I even think we may have had Taylor running an 8 miler out in OR

Strength and Endurance: Max Effort

Bench Press –2 WU and 3 Attempts to PR

After the 3rd attempt

1.5 mile TT (light @ Treadwell and Leederhill and back)

Endurance: 20 x 30 sec on:60 sec off

Taylor racing in OR

Tuesday August 24, 2010


Deadlift 5-3-1

WOD: 2-4-6-4-2

P. Jerk 115/85

Wallball 20/16

Group @ LH Triathlon


3 x 9min on:1min off