Monday August 2,

Look who made the news...It's Triple Threat. Thanks to Thais, Tiago, and Taylor for reppin ECC =)

This Weekend was great! Friday night at Park Central Tarvern was cool. ECC had the place packed! Out and about we had athletes at the FF fundraiser, Sea Legs 10m/5k, Walnut Beach 5k. At home we had athletes WODing at the box. Saturday had some big DL PR's. Many ladies broke into the 200+ while some males got 300 or even 400+lbs.

A special thanks goes out to all those that attended the meeting on Saturday.


2 Bar Burpees

4 OH Wallball Sit-ups 20/12

8 Wallball 20/12

Bonus Round: 2 Rep Max: 5min Time Limit

*starts when last person completes 5RFT portion

Bench Press

Endurance: intervals

Pick a corresponding discipline and distance

Swim: SC:1x, IC:2x, LC:3x10min

Bike: SC:1x, IC:2x, LC:3x15min

Run SC:1x, IC:2x, LC:3x12min

Tuesday August 3, 2010

WOD: Olympic Total


-Clean & Jerk

Each athlete is allowed three attempts at each chosen weight for each lift.

The lifter with the highest combined weight lifted becomes the champion. In the case of a tie, then the lifter whose body weight is less becomes the champion.

General Rules for all Lifts-(must read)


Endurance: 18min of alternating:

3:00min on: flat

3:00min on: hilly

½ interval time for recovery

* Swim use a pull-buoy for “hilly”