Posted some updated pics of you guys in some mid-week action.  Check it out below.

Added to the list of those who recently got Muscle Up's [get some Greg, Larry and Brian] is Firefighter Mike.  He came in, grabbed the rings and I turn around, he's on top of them.  So I made him do it agian!

Firefighter Mike hitting the muscle ups!

  Woody finished one of the most challenging 1/2 Iron-distance courses this past Sunday!Wednesday June 9 2010

Notice:The 6:30pm class tonight will be ECC's first "Open Gym."

Open Gym Defined: A non instructional hour block were ECC members must warm-up prior to a "bench mark" WOD (think Cindy, Murph exc. or an approved self-made WOD) and/or skills testing.

Monday at the first 7:30 am WOD Janice, Pete, and Erik meet "Badger."WOD:8RFT

200m Run

20 Box/Tire jumps

5 Pull-ups

20 Prisoner lunges

Endurance: Sprints

20 x 10seconds on:50 seconds off

Big Pete and Bonnie at the first 11am class getting loose. I think Big Pete is going to be a mid afternoon stalker.Like Jail!

Jackie and Jenny [and Zach's feet] getting their superman on at the first 2pm class.

Thursday June 10, 2010


Bench Press 5x3 @ 150% of body weight


25 Sit-ups

25 Double unders

Brian crushing some Personal Bests at the Open Gym Wednesday night. En route to a best score on the Total, he pulled a huge 425 on the Deadlift [those are 100's on the end, hips and knees were open at the top of the lift]. Nice Work!

Getting that chin up and over.

Yes, we do benchpress.