Although many words like training, fitness, physical activity and exercise are often used interchangeably. The truth is that these words can have as many different meanings as the number of people you ask.

Exercise and physical activity are words used when talking to the masses.  Typically it looks something like: The average person should get 30-45 minutes of light to moderate exercise/physically activity each day. OR The standard American's diet should consist of 55-60% carbohydrates. These are the terms and phases that agencies like the CDC, WHO, NASPE and exc., use to pacify societies need to quantify an ideal movement time and required caloric intake for the general public.  We see how well that has worked ;)

Training on the other hand, is a process that is goal oriented and should be a combination of training the mind as well as the body.  These goals are usually performance based and require a plan of action that helps you step closer to your goals (both short and long term) at every single training session/meal times. 

I would like to believe that EVERY athlete that is a part of the ECC family trains with a goal in mind. 

Train Smart, Eat Clean, Smile Often =)  

Great nutritiional habits coupled with quality exercise yeilds big resultsJune 5th 2010

Crock anyone?SoCal Sectional Workout 3

"Six Max Efforts"

Overview. This WOD is composed of six different individual events, each done for max effort. You will have 3 minutes for each event to complete your max effort, followed by 3 minutes of rest (when you move from one event to the next). You will be ranked in each event individually, earning you 6 independent scores. Your total score for this WOD is the cumulative rank of all 6 scores. For example, an athlete that is ranked 1 in all six events will get a score of 6, and will be ranked in first place for this WOD.

Event 1: Row - 3 minutes - max calories
3 min rest

Event 2: Deadlift (RX 275/185 Scaled 185/135) - 3 minutes - max reps
3 min rest

Event 3: L-Hang or L-Sit (BAR/RINGS)- accumulate as many seconds as possible in 3 minutes
3 min rest

Event 4: Overhead Squat (RX 95/65 Scaled 75/53) - 3 minutes - max reps
3 min rest

Event 5: Pull-ups (chin over bar) - one max effort without coming off the bar
**must begin pull ups within 5 seconds of the start**

Rest begins when you finish your pull-ups until start of run (6 min after start of pull-ups)

Event 6: 800m Run for time


Coach Kimmie!A few quick, but very important announcements!

KIMMIE IS AN ECC COACH! Vin, Joe and I are extremely happy to announce that Kimmie is now officially an ECC Coach, equipped with a Bio page and everything. Kimmie is first and foremost a wonderful human being, but she is also a sick athlete. We couldn't ask for a better person to help us help you. So give her some high fives when you see her, and get ready to hear some high pitched coaching, and likely, way too much giggling.

Second announcement, we are adding 7 new classes! These classes are going to be held on a trial basis throughout the summer [pending attendance], so check out the new schedule using the link in the navigation bar up top. New class schedule goes into effect Monday, June 7th. The schedule for the remainder of this week will remain the same as it has been; 5:30am, 6:30am, 5:30pm, 6:30pm [Monday through Friday], 9:00am and 10:00am [Saturday and Sunday].