REMINDER -Closed Sunday-Banford Road Race - come run with us, if you aren't running, come hang out with us! Look for the ECC banner.

Good luck to Joe and Jill racing up in MA. They are racing an Aquabike race (swim, bike).

Also, good luck to Tom as he races Saturday a well at Lake Quassy in the NE Olympic Distance Triathlon Championship and National Qualifier

Popping Coach Kimmie's Cherry All Over Leeder Hill

Friday 6-18-10


3 Deadlifts 275/185

5 Burpees

7 Bar jumps

So lately, I have heard a lot of chatter about who is RX'ing what workouts...who has goals of RX'ing workouts, etc. I think that is awesome for a number of reasons, but primarily because it creates an heir of competition [whether internal or with another athlete], and it inherently states that a goal has been set. It is pretty difficult to measue success without a goal. So while I think this is awesome, I am seeing a little bit of a disconnect on the follow through. Not necessarily a disconnect, because I see everyone working their hineys off, maybe that isn't the best word...how about "cherry picking". We talk, a lot, about getting comfortable outside of our comfort zone. That is how we grow as people, and in this instance I'm referring to you all as athletes. "Cherry picking" refers to one who is picking the days they come to ECC based upon the workout as posted. This is often done because you either excel at the workout, and thus want to RX it [see how I tied that in], or you don't excel at it and thus don't show up as to avoid the movement. So let me be the first to tell you, we see it, to some small degree we understand, but we want it to change. RX'ing things you are already good at, is a good thing. Builds confidence for one, but working at something you aren't good at, builds strength, character, and even more confidence, because you know what, you will get better, and you can dominate.

This may seem out of left field, but I've been seeing a lot of this with strength days. ECC is fortunate to have the level and number of endurance athletes we have, but "strength" days are a part of making you more complete athletes. That WOD you couldn't RX because the weights were too high, guess what, strength days will help close the gap. Those Olympic lifts that just seem out of reach. Strength days can be used to work on form and technique as they are usually one movement dominent. It doesn't always have to be about setting a one rep max if you are inefficient and unsafe with the movement, but it can be about a one hour session to figure it out via practice and repetition with a safe weight.

So I am posing this challenge to everyone. Work on our weaknesses, come in on the days where the workouts seem the hardest and challenge yourself to get better.

Speaking of STRONG...

Mike getting after bodyweight OHS...

and following it up with 295# Front Squats!

Rachel stable in her OHS.

Keyvan staying stong in sets of 5 Deadlifts.

Tiago standing tall with multiple reps of DL.

Welcome back Mark!

Nice work Tony with the FS PR, elbows looking good.

Welcome Adam! Nice job on the Front Squat work!

And fast too...

Nikki 6 sprinting, kind of...

New to ECC, Wednesday's at 6:30pm, mensa meetings...

Saturday 6-19-10

Sectional Saturday

New England Sectional WOD 1

800m Run

30 Snatches 115/75

800m Run