Monday June 14, 2010

Once again ECC/E had people all over the place this weekend. Lake Q, The box, Litchfield Hills 7m, Run for the Rock 5k, TriFitness Sprint Tri. Keep doing work! Spread the word and continue to build the Elm City Community.  And send in pictures of you doing what it is your doing.  We want to put it out there for you.  We are proud of everything you accomplish!

Another update from today's list of accomplishments, Xman hit a PR on the Run for the Rock 5k by 2 minutes.  He beat his previous personal best set less than a month ago!

Jason and his daughter Maddy @ The Litchfield Hills race this Sunday.

Although Jason has been with us for a short period of time, he has ramped his weekly WODs to 4-5per week and follows Paleo (80%/20%). Jason's results reflect his hard work. He has dropped 12+ pds, started killing WODs, and has begun to add ECE into his weekly plan. Nice Job Jason!

Big Pete completed his first Triathlon today at the Seaside Sprint Triathlon in Bridgport.  Pete has been working hard lately and managed to PR the 5k run at the end of the race by over 7 minutes.

Coaches Vin and Kimmie also represented Elm City Endurance today at the Sprint Triathlon.  Kimmie took home third overall female and Vin won his age group.  Mighty fine work if you ask me!

Kimmie the third overall female.

Vin wins his age group!

It Begins!

Fish outta water.

Kimmie heads to the bike.

Big Vin in a little package.

Ninja kick dismount.

2 Down, 1 to go.

Off to the races.

Coach Vin making it happen in 27 seconds or less.

Socks and Shoes.

Bringing it home!Pitter Patter.What up Vin? 

Dynamic WU
Single leg bridge
Multi-directional lunge

Line Drills
N-sprints – 4 cones in a square. Athlete runs a N

Bar WU

WOD: 21-15-9

Squat Clean 95/65


Dash after each movement set

Endurance: S-2x9mins on : 1min off, I-4x 9mins on :1 min off, L-6 x 9mins on: 1 min off
S= Short distances, I=Intermediate, and L=Long

Some workout pictures from the weekend:

The Mane Man!

Katie getting strong on those pushups!

I'm just a girl...

Tuesday June 15, 2010

WOD: 10!



Squat jumps

Endurance:2x tabata hill 2x(8x20sec on :10sec off)