ECC Athletes you have been getting after it this weekend with team WODs, skills testing, multi sport training and just some good old fashion fun. Keep it up! =)

Remember to be thankful for your freedom as many brave men and women have and will continue to fight and often die for the love of the stars and stripes.

Today's Team WOD is a mash-up of the NW Regional Affiliate WOD 1 & 2.

Memorial Day WOD:
Each team will have to complete the following:

120 Overhead Squats (95/65lbs)

120 Pull-ups
120 Deadlifts (215/135lbs)

120 KBS 55/35

For the overhead squat, take the barbell from the floor, not a rack. The movement starts with the barbell overhead (elbows locked out and arm blocking the ear). The hips must pass below the level of the knees at the bottom, and at the top, there must be full lockout of the knees, hips, and elbows with the barbell over the head (arm blocking the ear). You may squat-snatch directly into the overhead squat if you meet the above requirements, but that is not required. The pullups are "standard," meaning arms straight at the bottom and mid-neck to bar height at the top, with any kip permitted. For the deadlift, full extension of the knees and hips must be reached with the shoulders behind the bar at the top. The hands must release the bar at the ground.

Followed By:

Row/Run Relay

Each team will have a Concept 2 rower. Each team member will row 50 calories. The athlete will need to stay seated until the monitor reads 50 calories. After all four team members have rowed their 50 calories the first rower will now run 800 meters. When that athlete gets back they will tag the next member who will then run. This will be repeated until all four team members have run their 800meters. The athletes will run in the order they rowed. The damper on the rower will be set at four.

New pics posted in the MEDIA link at the top of the homepage.

Friday May 28, 2010

AM classes are normal schedule.

ONE PM class @ 5:00pm

Skills Testing

link to the level testing from Level 4 CF Seattle:http://www.crossfitseattle.com/athletic_skill.

After hours: 6:00pm Social @ NE Brewery (not a bar, but a place where they make beer) $5 get you 3 beers and a band.

Don't laugh at the wine in my bike bottle =)

Saturday May 29, 2010

Hours: 10 am - Noon

Group/buddy WOD at 10am and Skills Testing @ 11am

10:00am (only) Regional Saturday

Northeast Regional Affiliate WOD

Affiliate Event 2

For time:

100 Ground to Shoulder (135/95)

100 Box Jumps (24”/20")

100 Chest to Bar Pullups

100 SDHP (95/65)

100 Burpees

At the same time: Row a 4k

25 Minute Time Limit

Two athletes can be moving at the same time, however, one athlete must be on the rower until the entire 4k is completed. With the other movements, one of the three remaining athletes can move at a time. You must complete all 100 reps of one movement, before moving to the next. You will have two barbells, and the plates needed to make the weights necessary for the movements. After the 4k is completed, two athletes can move at once to finish the remaining 100 rep movements. If the 100 rep movements are done, but the 4k row is not finished, time will continue to run until the 4k is completed.

Sunday May 30, 2010

Off-site Endurance Training: See comments for guidelines, courses, and info

Nutrition: Doug from Summerton Farms will be at the box @ 10:00am

Hours: 10 am - Noon

Group/buddy WOD at 10am and Skills Testing @ 11am

10:00am (only) Team/Buddy WOD

Southeast Regional Affiliate Team WOD

Affiliate Event 2 - “Taps”

Teams will begin standing on top of two identical stacked tires

50 Meter tire flip (2 tires)

200 Team jump through Burpees (100 reps in and out of each tire)

50 Meter tire flip return (2 tires)

The event ends with the team standing on top of the stacked tires

Scoring: total time.

Monday May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day =)


Some of our Ladies getting strong with 5 rep sets of Front Squats.

Elbows Up

Getting Low

Really Low!

Group shot