April 30th 2010

FreeStyle Friday

Xman-Keyvan-Jim Mash-Up

800m Run

9 box jumps / 9 KBS

8 box jumps / 8 KBS

7 box jumps / 7 KBS

6 box jumps / 6 KBS

5 box jumps / 5 KBS

4 box jumps / 4 KBS

3 box jumps / 3 KBS

2 box jumps / 2 KBS

1 box jump / 1 KBS

800m Run

May 1st 2010

Sectional Saturday:

New York/New Jersey

Time Cap - 17 Min

30 OHS 95#/55#

30 Pullups Chest to Bar (chest must make contact to bar)

30 Power Snatches 95#/55#

30 Toes/Feet to Bar

30 SDHP 95#/55#

30 Air Squats

30 KBS 55/35

Heat Start Times 900-930-1000-1030

Heats Start Every 30 minutes: Heat 2 Coaches Heat 1; Heat 3 Coaches 2; Heat 3 Coaches 4

***If you miss your heats coaching assignment you will be bumped***

The Importance of Mobility: The Hips


....Restoring hip mobility will help in several areas. It should reduce or eliminate lower back and/or knee pain stemming from overcompensation. It should improve your power output by allowing you to fully engage your posterior chain in training exercises like squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings and any of the Olympic lifts, while making them safer. It should improve the strength and power of your hip extension, extremely vital for performance of the aforementioned lifts, but also for vertical leaps, sprinting, and any basic explosive movement. It will improve your rotational strength; instead of rotating with the lumbar spine (a huge no-no), you’ll generate power with the hips – perfect for throwing a good punch, swinging a golf club, or tossing a big rock at prey. It’ll improve speed, especially sprinting (excerpt)......