Wednesday March 31st


2 min max rep tire/box jumps

WOD: 21-15-9-3

KBS 70/55


Bonus Round

3 x Max push-up


2x 45 secs on with 15 sec rest,

1x 60 secs on with 15 sec rest,

2x 75 secs on with 15 sec rest,

1x 90 secs on with 15 sec rest

2x 2 minutes on with 15 sec rest

Average Joe's Ultra Experience -

As my ten day journey draws to a close, I would like to reflect on what I have learned from myself, my community, my friendships, my relationships and my adventure.

Only 10 days ago I toed the starting line of the New England Sectionals in Milford with two simple goals. One – place in the top 30 men and Two – don’t over-expose my body for the following weekend Umstead 100 mile race. Now sore, blistered and walking with a distinct limp, but most importantly mission accomplished!

Establish your goals. Make your training plan. Alter your plan around your body. Trust your coaches and most importantly trust your plan. Never underestimate the power of smart, clean and strategic nutrition and consumption. I can say my nutrition and hydration plan was absolutely flawless. This was the driving force in my training plan.

I would like to extend my greatest thanks for allowing me to be a part of your lives. I have loved my adventure while training, while coaching, while strategizing - constantly pushing the envelope both mentally and physically. I came to rely on your energy, determination, fire and commitment. Every single person who has ever worked out with me, each individual whom I have coached, or anyone who took a vested interested in me has become part of my life, my training adventure and the accomplishment of my goals. You have become my teammate, my coach, my competitor, my confidant and above all my friends. Collectively, your spirit, courage, and fortitude catapulted me towards accomplishing my goals.

There is nothing like the feeling of achieving your goals. I have to thank Bobby for the constant motivation and for keeping it “old school”. A special thanks to Kimmie and Vin for the encouragement, coaching, therapy and fun. Our Elm City family is a strong one. It is built on some very simple concepts: live life, love life, have fun, have goals, have a plan and conquer your goals.

One last special thanks to my crew and crew chief. Without my Elicia, Annabel, Savannah and Daisy, I would not be the man I am. Life is so much simpler knowing I have the most wonderful family in the entire world. They were with me every step of my journey. I love you!