Note:  I am aware this picture has nothing to do with 100 mile races, staying fly, or free styling, but somehow, it captures it all...or not, either way, big pimpin down in NC.

Free Style Friday
Three Six Mafia Edition

This is the first of our Freestyle Fridays with a workout put together by Thais in honor of Joe, Kimmie and Vin running their 100 mile race this weekend.  Best of luck to those crazies!  Below is the workout as Thais wrote it.

AMRAP 19:20 (Why this number? There are 1162 miles roundtrip from Hamden to Raleigh…1162 seconds = 19:20 seconds approx.)
3 HandStand Pushups (that’s for all of you)
600M Run Around the Building (that’s for you Kimmie)
22 Air Squats (that’s for you Joe)
44 Ab Mat Sit Ups (that’s for you Vin)

(It’s Hard out Here for a …. By Three 6 Mafia) must play during the Bonus round (Why the song because they won an Oscar based off of this song…you guys are winners already in our book!)

100 Double Unders (that’s for 100 miles) or 200 Singles for Time