Tuesday 2-9-10

Attention to Orders:

Today is proud moment for the community at ECC. Mike K (AKA Military Mike) leaves to serve in the United States Army.  Why are we proud? Mike has transformed himself from a college athlete who came to us “fit,” to an “ELITE”, “Fire breathing warrior."  Mike has displayed the drive and dedication necessary to go from an occasional RXd WOD to RXing every WOD in only 5 short months. 

We wish you and Emily the best. You both have supported ECC and for that we are grateful. 

There is no doubt that you are “fit to fight” so drive on and know that you have trained hard and your goals are never out of reach.


Train Smart, Eat Clean, and Smile Often :)

Your family at Elm City CrossFit

2 min max rep push-up

WOD: General Orders: RFT
Even up   2,4,8,14,18,22
DL 185/135
Kbs 55/35
Box jumps 24/20

Extra Duty:
2 min max rep sit-up