Monday 03-01-10

Bonnie working on Big Pete!

Dynamic Warm-up

Glute Ham Bridge

Ostrich Walk

Walk-hand over hand


Roll out

Line Drills

Alternating lateral lunge

Burpee sprints


3x10 Snatch Balance

3x10 RDL


WOD: Word to Your Mutha!

800m run

50 Burpees

800m run

100 Lateral jump (over 2 x 45lb plates for men/1 x 45lb plate for women)

www.ElmCityEndurance.com:  20 x 10sec on : 50 sec off: ALL OUT CUB SCOUT


  • Is anyone running the Shamrock 5k this Sunday the 7th?
  • Challenge Peeps send me your logs, questions, exc.