Monday 2-22-10

We had a pretty busy weekend @ ECC. WODs, Guest, Trail Running, Cleaning the Box, and some clowning around as you'll notice as you scroll down. Remember that last weeks WU is also this weeks warm-up

The video below is pretty cool. If you scroll the markers on the timeline you will get an explanation of the selected element.


Strength:  Clean 5min, Jerk 5 min, Clean & Jerk 5 min

Clean: work from hang and floor

Jerk: can be power or split

B-HPC form, I-Find max, A-Set new PR

Elm City CrossFit from vin lindsley on Vimeo.


25 Pull-ups

25 Alternating split squats

25m Bear crawl

Endurance: Speed

B-15, I-17, A-20 x (45sec on:15sec off, 15 sec on:45seconds off)

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